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    EasySpots Paver Marking System (25 Pack)

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    Sku: 68410-ZH/U25
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    Specification and Downloads

    • Used for marking and indicating on the EasyPave grids
    • Twist and lock connection
    • UV resistant 
    • Different color options coming in the future
    • Heavy duty load compliant
    EasySpot drawing

    Product Description

    Standartpark's EasySpots are the perfect solutions for indicating areas and directions on our EasyPave grid. They are most often used for marking parking spots and indicating road direction. We currently only offer yellow markers, but other colors will be available in the future or upon special request. Other uses include handicap markings, arrows, or hazard areas.

    To install the EasySpot markings, simply insert them into the desired location and twist to lock in place. They are removable for reuse.

    Each package comes with 25 units, which is enough for one parking spot.


    Article ............... 68410-ZH/U25

    Dimensions .................. 2-1/8" x 2-3/8"

    Material ............ Plastic