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    4" INOX inline catch basin

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    Sku: 4SSPCB
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    Specification and Downloads

    • Perfect for kitchens, plants, wineries, and sanitary locations
    • Composed of high-grade stainless steel
    • Reversible ADA gratings for anti-slip option on the entire system
    • Comes with hydro lock
    • Chemical and corrosion-resistant
    • 4" bottom outlet connection
    • Heavy-duty load rated 
    • Can be used as a stand-alone basin
    4" INOX inline catch basin drawing

    Product Description

    Can be used with our 4" INOX trench drain as well as a stand-alone unit. Made of stainless steel (grade 304) and comes with a reversible (double-sided) grate (ADA mesh pattern or nonslip pattern). Supplied with sediment removal tray as well as end caps to end the run.



    Article ................ 4SSPCB

    Material ............. Stainless steel type 304 (including bolts)

    Dimensions ...... 15" width - 13" height

    Weight ................. 10 LBS

    Load Class ....... C Class - 55,000 LBS (Heavy Duty Load)



    4" INOX inline catch basin

    Stainless steel reversible grate

    Stainless steel fasteners and bolts 

    Stainless steel end caps (2 pieces)

    ** Please contact us for any additional requests or clarifications