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    Mini slot mounting bracket

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    Sku: SSSDM4-6.100.10
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    Specification and Downloads

    • These brackets are used for concrete installation of the mini slot drainage system.

    • The brackets slide onto the mini slot channels and allow the channel to be connected to rebar. This provides the possibility to level the channel up or down before pouring concrete.

    • This will allow a more precise level before the concrete is poured and will overall save on the installation process.

    Mounting bracket drawing

    Product Description

    The brackets are made of stainless steel. Slide them on the channels from each side (required 2 brackets per channel), then insert rebar (not included) into the bracket and lock the bracket on the rebar utilizing bolts (included). Align your system using locks on the brackets and pour concrete around the channels.
    These brackets are used with our mini slot system only.

    Installation Videos