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    Mini slot 90-degree adapter channel

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    Sku: SSSDNC4PK
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    Specification and Downloads

    • Perfect for pools, patios, and backyards
    • Length from vertex to end of  6-3/4" (171mm) 
    • Channel width of 2-3/8" (60mm) & total height of 3-7/8" (100mm)
    • Composed of high-grade stainless steel
    • Chemical and corrosion-resistant
    • Used with standard mini slot channels to create a 90-degree turn
    • 90-degree grate available to fit adapter channel and matches standard channel grate
    • Pedestrian rate (load class A)
    Mini slot adapter channel drawing
    Mini slot adapter grate drawing

    Product Description

    Used as a connection between 2 standard mini slot drain channels to allow your system to contain a 90-degree angle. Made of stainless steel and the channel can be purchased with or without the removable grate. A channel connector is needed to connect a 90-degree adapter channel with a standard channel. End caps can be used with an adapter channel just like the standard channel.


    Article ................ SSSDNC4

    Material ............. Stainless steel

    Dimensions ...... 6-3/4" (171mm) length - 2-3/8" (60mm) channel width

    Height ...... 3-7/8" (100mm)

    Load Class ....... A Class (pedestrian load)


    Stainless steel Mini slot 90-degree adapter channel

    Stainless steel Mini slot 90-degree adapter grate (Only if included grate option selected)

    ** Please contact us for any additional requests or clarifications **

    Installation Videos