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    Geotextile NT10 (18'x11')

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    Sku: 860110-183-U
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    Specification and Downloads

    • Used for home, landscaping, gardening applications
    • Used primarily for underlying of geo ground grids
    • Protecting from frost, heat, wind, bugs, and creates a weed barrier
    • Dimensions of unit: 18ft x 11ft 

    Product Description

    Standartpark's Geotextile NT10 is a multi-purpose product used for many different gardening and landscaping projects. Its primary purpose is to be used as an underlying layer for our Geo Ground Grids. It provides additional erosion control to the grids and allows water to pass through unobstructed. It can also be used for a layer beneath much, gravel, and plant life. It comes in a 1.25ft diameter roll that when spread out, covers 18ft x 11ft of area (198 square feet).

    This Geotxtile is recommended to be used with our 2" Geo Ground Grids where light to medium loads can be applied to it.


    Article ............... 860110-183-U

    Dimensions .................. 18FT x 11FT

    Material ............ 100% Polypropylene

    Coverage ......... 198 SQ FT