Geo Ground Grid installation

Thank you for purchasing, Standartpark Canada's state of the art Geo Ground Grid. Our grid is one of a kind for a multitude of reasons. Our geo ground grids are made of dense and flexible polyethylene material rather than a textile fabric. It will also hold up to almost any weight in which you decide to drive over it with. Here are a few FAQ's.


1. You can cut it exactly to size, as long as you ensure you are only filling the cells with the material, not the open cells.


2. Our geo ground grid is perfect for the driveway, parking lots, and gardens. Our fabric can even handle heavy-duty vehicles and machinery.


3. Thanks to the polyethylene material, you can use any type of material you want, including dirt, crashed stones, gravel, heavy rocks and more.


4. As long as the cells add up together, you can connect these grids together during the installation process. 





1. First, ensure your ground is prepped. You can use sand, gravel, etc., as long as its compacted tightly before laying the grid down. If you want to have an evenly spread system, please ensure you do this step correctly. 




2. Stretch out the Geo Grid to your desired size. You can anchor them down using anchors, or even attach the grids as well. Keep in mind that the grid does not need to be fully stretched, Again, this is due to the strength of the polyethylene material. This gives you the ability to customize it the way you want. 




3. Start at one corner and work your way out when you pour your material. Ensure to pack down 75% tightly while doing this. It is important to take your time here to make sure it looks good. It is advisable to be about 1/2 to 1 inch above the grid at this point.




4. Pack tightly. This encourages a long life span and will great look. And that's it - you’re done!