8” Wide Trench Drains


Our 8” drain system can be a good choice when you need to move large amounts of water and you want to stay within a budget. Our 8” wide trench drain systems easily connect end-to-end, creating a line. They have built-in 90-degree connections on each side and supply end caps and grating fasteners. You’ll receive a complete ready-to-install package. From pedestrian to heavy-duty loads, you decide what type of grating to choose to make sure that your system is meeting your load requirements.


There are multiple connection options are available with our 8” wide trench drain system. On 3” depth channel, you have 4” and 6” outlet connections on the bottom of the channel. On 8” and 12” depth channels, you have 4”, 6”, and 8” bottom outlet connections. Additionally, 4” outlet connections on end caps and 4” on the sides of the channel provide you with so many options to connect PVC to your system. These are cut out connections, so there’s no need for adapters.

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