6” Trench Drain Systems


If a 4” system is not enough and an 8” system is too big for your project, then our 6” trench drain system may be a good alternative for you. This option features the same benefits you’ll find in our 4” and 8” trench drains. The 6” system can move an essential amount of water and save you money. You can connect channels end-to-end to create a line (linear drainage system). There’s no need for an adapter if your project requires a 90-degree turn because channels have built-in 90-degree connections on each side. Based on the type of grate—galvanized steel, plastic, or cast iron—we offer 3 different load classes: A, B, and C (from pedestrian loads to heavy-duty loads). Our plastic grate is B-load-class rated (vehicle loads), and it’s a great option for residential driveway/parking.


Our 6” trench drain systems provide you with 4” and 6” outlet connections on the bottom, as well as 4” cut-out outlet connections on end caps. This gives you more freedom for connecting your PVC.

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