4” Trench Drain Systems


All our 4” trench drain systems easily connect end-to-end to create a line (linear drainage system). Channels are equipped with built-in 90-degree connections on each side (no need for adapters). This allows you to build a more complex system than just a single line. Our 4” basic channels are normally 0 elevated (no slope), but if you would like a sloped system, then we offer a cascade installation method. With this method, you simply drop down the depth level when connecting channels. You can drop down from 2” to 3” to 4” to 6” to 8” depths. Sloped systems allow water to move faster. Due to multiple grating options, you can choose the proper load class for your system—from pedestrian use to extremely heavy-duty loads (A, B, C, D and E classes).


All of our channels have built-in outlet connections. A 2” depth channel has a 2” connection on the bottom of the channel. A 3” depth channel has a 4” outlet connection on the bottom. Our 4”, 6”, and 8” depth channels have 4” outlet connections on the bottom, 3” outlet connections on each side of the channel, and a 3” outlet connection off the end cap. Also, our 4” trench drain systems can connect to our inline 4” sand trap basins. In this case, you will have even more options to connect your system with PVC through the inline sand trap basin.

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