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    Patio trench drains

    Patio trench drains may not require the same heavy-duty features needed in manufacturing facilities, but it’s still important to carefully select the right system for your needs. You should consider how the property naturally directs water flow and install a trench drain that works with the existing terrain in an aesthetically pleasing way.

    Design & Aesthetics

    In this application, drain systems need to do more than function well. Outdoor residential areas, and even commercial areas, rely on aesthetics to create a welcoming environment. The aesthetic appeal may be an important consideration you make when choosing your patio trench drain. At Standartpark, our Spark Home System offers a great look for your patio, garden, walkway, or other exterior space. When you choose plastic, you can select from various colors. We also offer galvanized steel and cast iron options.

    Most likely, a patio drain will only see pedestrian traffic, so an A-load class rating should be sufficient. These residential channels feature 90-degree connections on either end, so you can address the entire perimeter of the space. You can also easily attach channels to catch basins. The installation process couldn’t be simpler.

    Other Considerations

    The purpose of a residential drainage system is to keep water away from the house. It’s no surprise then that angles are incredibly important. You’ll need to consider how to work with the natural slopes on the property. In areas where the ground slopes downward, a drain will prevent water from pooling in these spots.

    Patio trench drains can be as stylish as they are functional. If you’d like assistance in choosing the best drainage option for your home or construction project, contact us for more information.

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